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This has to be heard live to be believed ... The 3d sounds are totally compelling.


I love the progam...

Marc Fraser

... a fun and easy way of working with audio loops. Jambient is a welcome addition to any sound artist/sound designer's toolbox.

William Green

The coolest part of Jambient is that it lets you play with not only the volume and panning of each element, but the pitch as well! I know this may sound insignificant, but with just about every other program I can think of, you have to assign the pitch of each element beforehand, which seriously limits the spontaneity of your "live" work. Simply adjusting the relative pitches (or periods) of each element can seriously alter the atmosphere of a composition, and it is essential to be able to do this in real time. The browser is also wonderful because you have instant access to all of your needed WAVs without having to dig down through annoying menus. And when you've found the right mix, hit a button, and the whole setup is saved for posterity.

Andy Izold

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