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More Information About Loading Samples

Jambient loads samples from a hard drive, CD or other media into RAM. This makes Jambient's performance very good indeed, but means that to load really big samples, you'll need enough RAM to do so.

When viewing the movie above, note that the sounds loaded from the explorer into the bins aren't in RAM: only the sixteen sounds in the mixer itself.

Jambient was designed to load a lot of small sounds that are changed frequently. It's spontaneous.

Some Terms Associated with Samples and Loading Samples

Terms are in the order they appear in the presentation above.

Browser: The set of nine bins (three groups of 3) that hold wave files. you drag wave files into Jambient from the Browser.

ToolBar: the area at the top of the Main Window that contains most controls related to opening and saving information in Jambient. This area also contains the Gang, an area used to control multiple sounds [also known as looptracks] at once.

Samples: in Jambient, wave format audio files. Jambient prefers to use mono samples for 3d mixing, but most standard wave formats will work.

Bin Heading Button: the buttons at the top of the bins in the Browser window. Clicking on these reveals the Explorer, if it isn't already visible. Hint: you can show the browser window by clicking in an empty bin as well.

Explorer: The window where Jambient allows you to browse the file system on your computer. This allows you to find folders of wave format samples. Jambient doesn't load individual sounds; only by loading a directory that contains sounds can you bring sounds into Jambient via the Explorer.

Looptrack or Looptrack Sample: there are 16 looptracks in Jambient. Each can contain a sound; each allows individual control of volume, pitch and pan for that sound. You drag sounds into looptracks from the Browser. Looptracks are the most important component in Jambient, and the one that you work with most often.

Secondary Clicking: Many Jambient players prefer to play Jambient using the mouse in the left hand, and running the joystick with their right hand. For this reason, its helpful to reverse the normal position of the mouse buttons for right hand use, with the main button on the right instead of the left. Since different players set their computers up differently, we try to avoid 'left button/right button' terminology. Secondary click means clicking with the button that is not the main mouse button.

AutoPlay: At the bottom of each browser bin is a checkbox. If this box is checked, samples you drag from the browser to a looptrack will play immediately. If not, you have to click the play button in the looptrack after you load the sound. Autoplay is the state where samples play automatically, and the checkbox is set.