Really Really SkyCycle

Created By: Dan Donaldson

Listen to an MP3 recording of this jam [892k]

Download the zipped jump file [2.7Mb]


This is a fairly complex jam, with 6 distinct sounds loaded. One of them - a cycle of crickets - is in two looptracks simultaneously, so 7 looptracks are involved.

Samples from http://www.hyperreal.com are used in several places - a little snippet of America's Hero, Evel Kneivel, explaining that 'its a skycycle, not a bike' combined with an Aphex Twin sample of some deadly dj chat provides a spoken word rhythm. Two other Aphex Twin samples - a droning arhythmic sample and a cheery (almost) boppy synth line over a drum beat combine to drive the jam forward. Aside from that, a sonar 'ping' on a drum loop plays every 4 or 5 seconds.


A technique to watch for in this piece: the dj voice (which is where the 'really really' comes from) is played as a drum beat, but with a highly random inpoint. This, combined with an abbreviated length (you adjust all this in the Pattern Window) can give a great 'stuttering' effect. Here its not so pronounced, but still breaks up the rhythm a bit.

The two crickets are used differently: one of them is on a straight loop, and provides the constant chirping. The other is at a different pitch, and also on a drum loop, with a relatively long duration, so it kicks in on its own beat. Try this with other types of samples (just turn off 'reset on load' in the Options panel, and drag samples into the channels.

The relatively long MP3 preview lets you hear the samples before the drum-driven track and drone kicks in: of course, you could load any other beat track under it as well...


First, download the jump file by clicking on the link above. Once the file has downloaded to your hard drive, unzip it using WinZip or another unzipping utility. The unzipped file is a folder with 4 files in it; three wave files and a jump (.jmp) file. This can reside anywhere on your hard drive, but you must keep the jump file and the wave files together. They can, however, be moved into other folders with other wave files and jump files.

Once you have the folder unzipped, and with Jambient running, choose the Save/Open button at the top of the main panel; in the dialog that appears, choose "Open", and designate 'jump files' in the popup as the file type. Navigate to where the jump file you just unzipped is; open it.

The sound will load in, and the settings for the looptracks will be set; it should play right away, but you may want to turn looptracks off and on using the play buttons for individual looptracks.