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If your jambient package came as a zip file or self-extracting zip, unpack it to a temporary directory. Otherwise, make sure all the files are in one temporary directory.

Open the temporary directory and run setup.exe. If you haven’t previously used Microsoft’s more recent installer package, you may get a message saying your computer needs to be restarted. Make sure you remove all floppies from drives, and restart. Then make sure to run setup again to complete the installation.

If you run into problems running scripts, ensure that you have the latest version of Microsoft’s Scripting Engine from Also make sure that your help viewer is up to date by running Hhupd.exe, which is installed in the \Help directory.

To install an update, just unpack jambient.exe to your jambient program directory (usually C:\Program Files\jambient).

last modified 10-29-200