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Using jambient With Other Programs


Try using jambient with other audio programs.

You can build jambient jams while using Virtual Turntables or another turntable simulator to play back MP3 files.

Use the minimize toggle to shrink jambient and float it over top of other programs.

You can set up a very interesting system using Virtual Audio Cable ( This audio driver lets you feed the output of jambient into the input of another program.

For example, you could feed jambient into Cubase VST (this works with the demo version too) or Cubase WaveLab, and apply VST effects such as echoes, grungelizers, etc. to your jams. Or you can get Analog Box, which is an amazing, tiny and fast modular synthesizer that supports VST plugins, and use this to process jambient through Virtual Audio Cables.

You can also use Virtual Audio Cable to record your jambient performances--output jambient to a Virtual Cable, and use the cable as the input to a recording program.

last modified 10-29-200