Setting Up and Running PowerMidiVerb4

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Run the self-extracting distribution package, unzipping the installer files into a temporary directory of your choice. Then run the setup program to install PowerMidiVerb4.

PowerMidiVerb4 needs MIDI-OX, a free, powerful Midi tool, to run. You can get your free copy of MIDI-OX here.

Before using PowerMidiVerb4, or otherwise modifying your MidiVerb, it is a good idea to use MIDI-OX to save all the programs on your MidiVerb, see below.

Configuring MIDI-OX

Once you have downloaded and installed MIDI-OX, you need to set the Port Mappping in MIDI-OX:

Also make sure that in the Options menu Pass SysEx is checked, and that in the Midi Filter system messages are not being filtered.

Configuring Your MidiVerb4

For best results, in the MIDI page, accessed through the [UTIL] button on your MidiVerb4:

Testing the Connection Between MIDI-OX and Your MidiVerb4, and Backing Up

If PowerMidiVerb4 isn't working properly, test your MIDI-OX configuration usingView>SysEx.

SelectCommand Window>Load File and load the file "Request All Progs from MidiVerb4.syx" that is installed in your PowerMidiVerb4 directory. Then select CommandWindow>Send/Receive Sysex. The Sysex message that you loaded from the file is sent to the MidiVerb, and the MidiVerb should send back Sysex data containing all the user programs. You should get back 5384 bytes of data. If you do not, or you get no response, check your Port Mapping, and the other settings mentioned above.

Use MIDI-OX to backup this data by saving the display window.

If you run into a problem...

If you get "SysEx Error!!!" messages when you are changing system info such as bypass, cascade or input and output volumes, check the AmpX and AmpY settings on the modulators page of your MidiVerb4. Make sure neither is set to 99, then exit and restart PowerMidiVerb4. (There is a small bug in the MidiVerb where you cannot send back this value, and PowerMidiVerb4 sends back whatever value it reads from your MidiVerb4.)

If all else fails, reinitialize your MidiVerb4 by holding down the Prog and D buttons when turning the power one. But make you've backed up your programs first.