Almond Saffron Pudding

This is inspired by medieaval cookbooks and Iranian deserts and makes an intriguingly scented and refreshing desert. It has neglible carbs. I've made it from home-made almond milk (you can find instructions for making this on the web) and also using Almond Breeze brand unsweetened almond milk.


Grind some saffron with the heel of a spoon or in a mortar and pestle.

Pour almond milk into a sauce pan, and stir in saffron powder. Let it infuse for a while.

Gently bring the almond milk to a simmer, adding some sweetener if you wish (I've used stevia, which has negligible effects on glucose levels).

Stir in agar (a gelling agent) as per directions on the package.

When the agar is completely dissolved, pour into individual ramekins, cool, put in fridge to gel. You could also decorate each ramekin with a saffron strand.