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Play Mode Dial


Dial to set the Play Mode. Right click on the Play Mode dial to jump to the beginning of the sample.

[Graphics for play modes in line with text]

One Shot: in one shot mode, the sample plays once and then stops until you start it again. (Of course you can stop it midway.)

Loop: in loop mode, the sample is played in a continuous loop until you stop it.

Step and Drum mode use Patterns to changes volume, pitch and pan over time

Step: in step mode, the sample plays in a continuous loop while jambient steps through volume, ptich and pan patterns. The underlying sample plays continuously, but the patterns can mute the loop, change its volume, shift its pitch up or down, or pan it back and forth.

Drum: this play mode is like a drum machine. Jambient steps through volume, frequency and pan patterns, as in Step mode, but it also jumps back to the start of the sample at each step. You can use this mode to play your sample to a beat. You can also specify where the sample begins playing. See the entries on timing factors in Patterns.

Note: changes to the Gang are transmitted to all LoopTracks controlled by the Gang. Changes to the master LoopTrack in a blocked Band are transmitted to all LoopTracks in the Band.

Also see: Doing Things with LoopTracks

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