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Using Snapshots

Snapshots let you instantly save the current elements of your jam so that you can go back to them later, or review and build them into a library after your performance. Snapshots sacrifice some of the control available in the  Save and Open  dialogue for speed.

Taking a Snapshot

Click on the Snapshot button. The camera flashes to indicate that a snapshot has been taken.

The Snapshot contains all the elements of your jam (see Saving and Opening).

The name of the Snapshot file is composed of the Session Name, together with the time into the session. On start up jambient sets the Session Name to today's date. You can set it to something else in the Save/Open dialogue. Snapshot files are saved in the current directory, which is the directory in which you last saved or opened a file, or directory in which jambient.exe resides, if you haven't yet saved or opened a file.

Open a Snapshot file as you would any other file. You can access them quickly during a jam using the Quickload list.

last modified 10-29-200