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The Wire at the end of a LoopTrack connects the LoopTrack to a corner terminal of the Mix Pad. LoopTracks are mixed on the basis of the terminal that they are wired to. There are four wires, coded by symbol: white, white-black, black-white, black. [graphics]


Dialing on a wire symbol dials through the four wires.

Clicking on the left or right half of the wire symbol flips the colour on that half. Flipping the left half wires the LoopTrack to the diagonally opposite corner. Flipping the right half wires the LoopTrack to the horizontally opposite corner.

Right clicking disables or enables the wire. Disabled wires have a little hole punched in their middle, and the signal from the LoopTrack bypasses and is unaffected by the Mix Pad. You can still dial or click to change the wire symbol, but it won't have an effect until you enable the wire.

Wiring sets

You can also choose from preset wiring patterns using the Wire Sets drop down in the Mix Pad. The options in the drop down describe the patterns that are set. [graphic]

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