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We support those who support us! Many thanks to the sites below that have included links to us from their pages. Those of you who found us via these sites know how great they are: check the others, and if you found us some other way, take the time to check them out.

Home of Jambient, the Rhythm that Refreshes and Does not Crush, from the maker of PowerMidiVerb4

"Jambient uses a joystick to sculpt sound in 16 channels simultaneously. The result is unlike any other computer based musical instrument - a way to create sounds live - from the DJ booth, onstage or at your workstation - that would be difficult or impossible to create in a studio."

Home of Analog Box Realtime Audio Synthesis Software.

From the andyware home page:
"Analog Box is powerful sound design software invented to create jambots, robots that jam. It's flow chart style interface and high performance DSP engine allow rapid creation of circuits that can be used for a variety applications."

Very cool application that allows you to run realtime effects on your Jambient output.

AWave Audio Tools
Home of AWave Audio and AWave ACDR

AWave Audio is the best audio batch converter around; it lets you convert from non-PCM wave formats to the PCM format required by DirectX and jambient; it also lets you downsample, and convert to mono, to save bytes.

AWave ACDR is very cool--it lets you rip audio from CDs and convert in one step.

Highly recommended.

Home of the Virtual Audio Cable.

A great product that makes it possible to connect and process all sorts of output on your PC. Check it out. Lets you send Jambient output into a software effects processor or recorder program.

Electronic Musician Magazine
A decent, readable online and paper mag on the electronic musican scene - naturally. Back issues are online.

ArmChair DJ
Interviews, Reviews, and an emphasis on flogging CDs online. All concerned with what the site bills 'Techno Without Turntables. Modern Pop". Right you are.

Loopers Delight
Hooray for greasy old analog. Even though the emphasis is on samplers and other miscellaneous boxes, with (gasp) wires and plugs and what not, they're concerned with live, not just recorded music - just like us.