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Cool Operations

The following operations allow you to quickly manipulate LoopTracks using drags and clicks.

[graphics we need to interpolate graphics for the drag sources and targets in the text below so users don't have to go to the how to to get the point]

Fades and Cross Fades

Right click on a Volume Slider or LoopTrack Position in the 3d Map to 'switch fade' a LoopTrack.

Right click on the Gang or the master LoopTrack of a Block Band to fade out all playing sounds and fade up all muted sounds.

Right drag from one LoopTrack Letter or Position and drop on another to cross fade from the source to the target (fade out the source while fading in the target).

Right drag from one band to another to cross fade between bands.

Copying, Clipboard, History, Reversing Samples

Drag from the copier button and drop onto another LoopTrack to copy a sample from one LoopTrack to one another.

Drag from the copier and drop on a Sample Bin or the Clipboard to copy a LoopTrack to the Clipboard. Drag from the Clipboard to reload a sample, together with its LoopTrack settings.

Click on the LoopTrack Popup to see the LoopTrack Palette. This lists a history of the samples you loaded into the LoopTrack and lets you reverse the LoopTrack so that its sample plays backwards.


Drag the Dropper from a LoopLetter to copy values from one LoopTrack to another.

You can also use the Dropper to quickly set the Destination of a Sample Bin.

Thin your mix

Set jambient to let a maximum of N LoopTracks play at once. That way you can keep on layering in LoopTracks without maxing your mix too dense.

last modified 10-29-200