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Do Things With Looptracks

Loading Samples into LoopTracks

(If the Browser window is not open, click on the Browser Button.)

Click the Folder Button to open the Explorer Window.

Drag a folder from the Explorer Window to a Sample Bin to fill the Sample Bin with a list of the samples in the chosen folder. (Note: sample bins also list Window's short cuts to samples.)

Select a destination for the the Sample Bin using the Destination Drop Down. You can also use the Dropper to quickly set the Destination of a Sample Bin -- drag from a LoopTrack's Letter and drop onto a sample bin, to set the destination to the LoopTrack.

If the Destination is Drag and Drop

Drag samples from Sample Bins to LoopTracks to load them. If you drop on to a regular LoopTrack, the sample is loaded into that LoopTrack. Dropping onto the Gang loads the sample into all LoopTracks controlled by the Gang. Dropping onto the master LoopTrack in a Block Band loads the sample into the whole Band. The cursor shows a wave to indicate you are dragging a sample.

If the Destination is not Drag and Drop

Clicking on a sample loads it into the destination. If the destination is a letter, the sample is loaded into the LoopTrack with that letter. If the destination is Gang, then the sample is loaded into all LoopTracks controlled by the Gang. If the destination is the master LoopTrack in a Block Band then the sample loaded into a LoopTracks in the Band. Right clicking plays and stops the destination LoopTrack.

You can still drag and drop a sample if you want--start your drag from the right edge of the Sample Bin, just inside the scroll bar. The cursor will display a wave to indicate that you can drag from this location.

For all sample loading operations, the following applies:

If Auto Play is checked, the LoopTrack will start playing as soon as the sample is loaded into it. If Auto Play is not checked, and you drop the sample on the Play Button, the sample will play. Otherwise it will load without playing.

If Reset on Load is checked in the Options  tab, then all LoopTrack values are reset to their defaults when a sample is loaded.

last modified 10-29-200