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Instantly load up to sixteen samples into LoopTracks (How to...) Samples and LoopTracks are the basic objects in jambient.

Manipulate the volume, pitch or pan of a LoopTrack. (How to...)

Manipulate sets and bands of LoopTracks. (How to...)

Pattern the volume, pitch and pan of a LoopTrack over time. (How to...)

Wire LoopTracks to the Mix Pad through four different wires. Move the joystick handle to mix the volume, pitch or pan of the signals on the four wires, plus twist the handle to mix in another sonic dimension at the same time--a joystick controlled hypercross fader. (How to... ) (Note that joystick mixing still works when you are using another application, so you can mix jambient while using another application.)

Position sounds in sonice space, and tour them using the joystick, moving sounds around from speaker to speaker. (How to...)

Save various components of your jam and load them back into your jam in realtime. For example, just save a set of pitch or volume relations and drop them in on top of different sets of samples. (How to...)

Write jambient scripts to automate changes, respond to interface events, or set up relations between LoopTracks. (How to...)

Also see Cool Operations for mouse operations that quickly achieve fades, cross fades and copies.

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